Hearts Converse

Have you ever wondered, whether hearts spiritually speak to each other. Well in reality we’ve found a way and medium for their voices to be heard. From Founder, Editor, and Blogger herself, Natelege we have Hearts Converse as the headline itself says it’s; relationships, life and culture told from the young adult’s perspective. What I’ve found though is that is it our perspective, but its like its name implies, its our perspective directly from our HEARTS. In no uncertain terms this is a site any young adult can relate to, you’re immediately drawn in, why? Because we all live and go through relationships, our lives are forever changing, and we each add and take away from the culture. 


There are hard-hitting pieces like, How Long Does It Take To Get Over Someone?, where the discussion and battle between emotions and common sense takes place. We connect because we’ve all been here and if you haven’t yet give yourself time you will be. “Is there an exact time frame? Is it based on how much time you spent with a person? If you know he or she ain’t worth not a moment more, but you still want to try, is your self-esteem to blame? Is it based on how many relationships you’ve been in and having the emotional experience to move on? Does it matter whether you’ve had sex or not?” As she states it all this can make the process frustrating. Study shows it take 28 days to break a habit, is that the proper time frame needed to get over someone? How Long does it take?
But there are also pieces like “Why We No Longer Need a Rundown of Cuffing Season Rules”, written by Lauren McEwen aka @AngryWriterGirl. She explores the comical process of that our current generation has devised for Fall/Winter season “relationships” Relationships explicitly in quotations because as she vividly points outs these are nothing more than temporary flings more or less utilized on snowed-in days for booty calls. This particular piece is truly realistic, because it is truly the method in which some of us now chooses our relationships whether temporary or otherwise. It’s bold, because she decided that she would address and voice her concerns on what is a pretty popular trend. “Somewhere, right now, there is a dude with ashy knees tweeting a list of prerequisites that his Winter 2012-2013 boo must meet in order to qualify for snowed-in booty calls.”


What seems to be popular nowadays is this the want by African-American females to go NATURAL, which ushers in this piece on stereotypes and natural hair, titled, “Can I Live? – Stereotypes and Natural Hair”. Originally written by Letese and featured on her blog, the concise piece addresses not one but two life topics, stereotypes that we all face and for black women, natural hair. In a few short words she confronts myth and spells out truth. “Yes my hair is natural but it doesn’t define me, I define it.” Yes my skin is brown, but it doesn’t define me, I define it, how many others can relate. I cannot fully relate in whole to this piece, I do not fall into the natural hair category, but I understand stereotypes, I understand the burden they can bring, and I understand that I am not them. At Letese states, “If I allowed it, stereotypes would bury me alive and I would die satisfying other people’s expectations.” 
Then also in life we get to discuss, the joys of life and what it has to offer, you stumble onto pieces about travel. Traveling to far away lands is a beautiful aspect of life and all should be encouraged to do so. Whether it be a trip to London or a weekend visit to Germany; traveling is a joy of the living. It’s a Foreign Exchange; detailing the experience as if they were still living it as they wrote the words. “The first thing I noticed in London that made me feel at home was the diversity. I saw Black, White, Asian, everybody when I got off that plane. The biggest difference was of course the accents and everything yields left instead of right on the roads lol. Also London is a big city with an underground subway a.k.a “the tube,” and an overground train that goes to the outer parts of London.” “I went to downtown Stuttgart and stopped by the Schlossplatz (Castle square). It’s surreal seeing a castle up close. I love that other countries preserve their old-world architect. And its beauty is still in tact.” “I couldn’t leave Stuttgart without visiting one of their museums, Kunstmuseum to be exact. The architecture is very modern and complimented the featured artwork. I also picked up two art books + a poster from the museum store.” It’s really the little things that make this life worthwhile. 


From pieces on the newly elected Mayor of Compton, Cali or the Resume of Jay-Z, it is brought to you in the Culture section of Hearts Converse. It’s exactly what we young adults are intoned to. The newly elected Mayor is a 31 year old African American Woman, Aja Brown, her accomplishment should be applauded but better yet broadcast. Many people of the current generation are looking up to and living vicariously through the life, times, and movements of Sean Jay-z Carter. But it doesn’t end there , it goes further, Controversy over the Cheerios commercial, addressing whether in 2013 interracial couples are still taboo. Hearts Converse takes it and goes there. 
I’ve come to truly enjoy the writings and pieces on Hearts Converse, its multi-dimensional, in a multi-dimensional world. Necessary for all the difference experiences, challenges, and things that will occur over a lifetime. In the end it won’t be our lips that tell the story, they will merely be a tool, but it will be our Hearts that replay the memories, the moments that we thought, laughed, cried, and embraced. I would encourage you, to take a minute or five or an hour to check out Hearts Converse.

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