Two Truths & A Lie: Bill Cosby

As I get older and I hear the different opinions on various topics, I’m more inclined to sit back and listen and watch, than anything else. It’s not that I do not have anything to say, it’s just in this new era no one is really inclined to listen. But after all the conversation on the allegations involving Bill Cosby and the back and forth of opinions I felt it was necessary to bring a middle of the road consciences to the subject. 

I will never sit on the jury of Bill Cosby in his impending criminal case and I will not meet him at the gates on judgement day. So I am not here to decide his guilt or innocence, but I do want to list a few things I have observed.

Truth: It’s very possible that Bill Cosby is 100% guilty of  the crime he is being accused of. That he has over the last 30 years committed other heinous acts for which we will not know the full details or extent of. It’s also very possible that Bill Cosby is 100% innocent of the crime he is being accused of. That he has over the last 30 years been an upstanding citizen.

Truth: We don’t know all or even half of the facts in this current criminal case or even the other reports that have come forth. I do not say any of this to discredit the women that have come forward to tell their story. But we have this track record of rushing to choose sides as soon as a story breaks. No matter what the subject is. Sometimes we have to pause, reserve judgement and wait until all the facts come out. 

Lie: This won’t be the end all be all solution. This won’t heal all the wounds of the women left broken by this situation. In a situation of this magnitude everyone loses, the victims, the public, family and friends. Everyone in this situation is conflicted on where they stand.

I don’t have all the answers and I can’t begin to assume what those women have gone through or are currently still going through. And neither can any of us. So we each have to keep this fact in mind and remember when drawing any sort of criticism understand that we are neither the specific victim or accuser. What I do know is, none of us on the outside should draw a line in the sand and try to stand on either half.


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