Man vs Woman: A Happy Man


This can’t be exaggerated, men are very simple creators!

This topic comes from a friends recent FB post about do women really know what really makes a man happy. In the conversation there were a number of responses from women, giving their thoughts and versions of what they thought made a man happy. And while I respect their opinions and thoughts, they were mostly wrong, two of them were able to develop answers that sufficiently answered the question. But overall, what the responses spoke to at large is not many women truly know what makes their man or a man happy.

It’s really simple. We want the simple things! It’s not all balled up into money, sex, and good. While those are things we want too, it still a little simpler. Honestly!

Simple: Support for our dreams that we strive to achieve (money), appreciation for being the man you want and need (money), and when we absolutely cannot being their to have our backs, pick us up, and push us forward (money)!

Simple: Give us intimacy, there’s the physical, but there the know what our interest are (sex), understanding what makes us tick and how we think (sex), and as well in the physical form of sex; you have to get to know what our interest are and take part in them too (sex)!

Simple: Nourish us; if you’re giving us the support and understanding who we are you are feeding us (food), understanding that appreciation is during all times even the good and bad (food), nourishment for a man comes in the form of sometimes letting us take a day off, asking how we are, being concerned with what we are going through even in the smallest form (food)!

What you may have noticed in NONE of that was material, not even the food. This is the simplicity of a man. We don’t ask for much, we aren’t asking you to climb mountains or traverse steep terrains. There isn’t much to the happiness of a man, you do have to be willing to listen, pay attention and learn what’s in front of you. For a man happiness really lies in getting the big piece of chicken.

Woman – Kalisha

What makes a man happy…

A sudden chuckle came to mind at the maturity of my thoughts. A couple years ago I would say men are really happy with just superficial things in life. But then I realized, all men are completely different. Now keep in mind, the men I associate with are what I like to call “top notch.” I do not think this applies to all men, but in my opinion and observation, this applies to all the men in my life.
Being in a committed relationship for the past five years has not only changed my views on men but gave me the opportunity to see men in a whole different focal point, and not just my man, but men in general. My whole notion that all men were the same became a thought of pure ignorance.

Men are genuinely happy with the simple things in life such as having a warm meal to look forward to [as they say, it’s the fastest way to a man’s heart], having someone they can not only have a physical relationship with but intimacy in the most non-sensual form, having a connection to things outside the home which they enjoy, and CHILDREN. Truthfully, men are simpler than you may believe. I am finding more and more men are merely happy knowing that they have someone on their side who truly supports them and truly cares about them in all aspects.

I remember speaking to a friend about why he broke up with his girlfriend and his answer was merely, “she never asked me how I was doing. Just little thing such as asking me how my day was, or making sure I had a meal at night. Even if she was not around, she never cared to know if I was going to bed hungry or if someone happened in my day that may have put a damper on my spirit.” That became a lesson learned. Now although I am often inquisitive about my partner’s day and his stomach (you learn this quickly with some men), I truly found this humbling. For him, happiness was knowing his partner cared about his physical and his emotional well-being.

But apart from relationships, there comes a point in a man’s life when they truly look at themselves and reflect on what is going to keep them going in their lives, the true happiness they long for becomes the moment they evaluate themselves. Happiness for many men is knowing they have a stable career to provide as a husband/partner or for themselves. It is knowing they have done their part to keep afloat their family. Happiness becomes the desire to have that family life with children in their future or their present. For some, it is important to have that legacy to look back on and know that they have contributed to society in one of the greatest ways possible. Happiness becomes more than just going out with the guys although that is very important also. Men are truly excited by the blessings they receive from God. I’ve been to way too many baby showers which have all warmed my heart seeing men joyous at the new life they helped create and celebrating in the soon to be arrival.

At the end of the day it all boils down to simplicity for men. Happiness is about having the total package. Making sure everything in their lives are together. Now for different men this looks different ways. But as I can speak about the man I have observed for the past five years, his happiness lies in his accomplishments. Obtaining a Master’s Degree as a black man, having a career, being able to provide, and longing to fulfill other goals in his life to increase this happiness such as marriage and bringing new life into this world. Family becomes the source of happiness and I am seeing more and more that once this part of life is set… Other things fall right into place.


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