Relationship Baggage

Let’s talk about baggage, because I feel like sometimes baggage gets a bad rap. But really there’s good and bad relationship baggage.

Look at it like this, when you travel you bring in your baggage some of your most valuable possessions. We also bring stuff we don’t need, this is overpacking. So let’s sort it out.

The good baggage is like our carry on, we need to keep that close. It’s the ambition, good communication, trustworthiness and so on. All of this is in our carry on bag. This is what were taken with us on this journey.

Understand I’m saying journey, see because while I’m relating this to travel and travel by flight our final destination is a lifetime together. Everything else is just a layover here and there. The flight time is the span between relationships. And the relationships that don’t work out are the layovers. Temporary stops!

Our checked bag contains our overpacked items, the things we don’t necessarily have to bring with us. But many times we do and it makes our journey harder. It’s extra weight which can lead to more fees, delays and frustration at having to carry it around. Unlike actual travel on this relationship journey we should access after each leg what’s in our bag and remove the excess items.

We don’t need them. Why? Because those items are hurt, pain, frustration, aggravation, resentment, hesitation, fear and so much more that won’t help you in your next relationship I mean flight. What we do need is what’s typically in the carry on baggage. See that carry on though with our valuables, can maintain us even without the checked baggage.

So it’s not simply baggage, it’s which baggage we are carrying that matters the most. Self reflection ultimately will help you determine what’s in your bag. Stop packing and carrying unnecessary items with you.


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