I just want all of you…is that too much to ask….feel me down…see me bare….

The opening line of a soulful song about falling in love, “Try” from Courtnie. It’s a fitting song for 2016, since it has become the year of #ShootYourShot! Let’s jump into the attempt of having something magical and cross the line. Because falling in love isn’t easy, but sometimes it doesn’t require complex arithmetic.

She goes on to say she “I don’t care if you ain’t never done this wit nobody before, are you really alive you if you don’t take the time baby to explore.” Love sometimes comes down to a simple try, give it what you have, put you’re all into the attempt and make the best of the shot. The words flow out as if it were each of our lived experience, reminding us of the fairytale love story that we see in movies. The love story that develops with beautiful songs like Try replacing the words.

Because Love is DIFFICULT, but as Courtnie spells out so simply in three short words….


To hear the full version of the song and more from Courtnie, click here.



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